Fabric Finder Services

We at Cotton Pro Ltd are exited to announce this unique new program to help designers and hospital buyers to source / find or in some case manufacture a fabric design / construction which is previously used in and purchased from a source who is un traceable or has discountinued selling or manufacturing that particular fabric.

We will help you to find or manufacture that fabric by recreating the fabric. Just send us a swatch big enough to test in our lab to examin the construction and type of yarn.

Fabric finder service is also useful where buyer is under budget constrain we can help to reconstruct the identical with small minor design changes but price within or beow the budget.

What to loose?
Absolutely nothing, no sample charges no setup fee and no expense whatsoever.

Fabric in Stock
We also offer our customers an exciting assortment of fabrics & other home decor items.   We maintain our inventory, offer our clients timely deliveries and offer wholesale pricing on our speciality line of fabrics to the trade.

Wholesale cotton fabric for unique projects
Fabric Finders is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of wholesale cotton fabric.

Easy ordering: our minimum order is always just one bolt.

Fast shipping: orders for in-stock items placed weekdays before 11AM CST can usually be sent same day
Highest quality fabrics: our fabrics are suitable for everything from the finest hand-sewn creations, to bedding, shirting, ties – and more!