Why Digital washing Machines?

posted 24 Feb 2011, 07:56 by Simply Kitchen
Your washing machine uses water, energy and detergent efficiently, thereby protecting the environment and reducing your household cost.

The digital washing machine is most effective cleaning as the clothes pass through soapy water and also fall on soap solution improving wetting of clothes. It Resembles the Thumping and rubbing action of gentle hand wash. In digital machine you can use less water compared to tub type top loaders. Less water means less detergent and electricity consumption.

Digital washing machine is effective by detergent, soaking heating, tumbling and squeezing. It also gives better drying effect by spinning. Use the 60 0 C Eco program instead of the 95 0 C cottons program. The Extended washing time achieves a cleaning result comparable to the 95 0 C programs, but uses considerable less energy. Also avoid using the prewash program when washing lightly to normally soiled laundry.

Add detergent according to the degree to soiling, amount of laundry and water hardness, and observe the detergent manufacturer's instructions.

Kinds of wash programs & options available in digital washing machine

Digital washing machine provides you number of combination of main programs and options to get wash quality to your satisfaction.

  1. The washing action is more vigorous/gentle for a longer duration to clean clothes better.
  2. To be uses for whites, cottons and coloreds, average soiled cottons, bed sheets, curtains, undergarments, towels, shirts, trousers etc.
  3. Not to be used for woolens and delicate fabrics.
  4. This gives an environmental friendly and energy saving operation of washing.

In this program, high mechanical tumbling action and extended washing time gives a cleaning result comparable to that of 95 deg.    Check all our......   Kitchen Appliances